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Doc Flyboy


If memory serves (and it doesn't as well as it used to) the Central States "picnic" at the Explorers Post was/is on Wednesday evenings, but it seems to have fizzled out. You might check with Terry Schubert to be sure.

Having said that, Wednesday is good for me. I always enjoy your event!

Curt Smith
Cozy N10CZ

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We've just read the announcement the Burt will be returning to Oshkosh... yay!
Tuesday the 21st will be a celebration of all things Burt at Oshkosh provided the US Air Force is not flying since they had the bad manner to shut his last celebration down (at least they learned how to properly park an F-16 on canard day (nose down))
Tuesday has also been the night we do our spaghetti bash, hence "early birds" but Tuesday this year is scheduled to be Burt's night at Theater in the Woods and I know that all of you fan boys and girls would rather listen to Burt than have pasta.
Monday is the big free concert by Dierks Bentley, a "rising country star" apparently. Who knows, might be a really good concert and Monday is possibly a bit too early for the early birds dinner so....
Wednesday is looking like the best candidate for the dinner night.
Now I am going to prove I am a complete idiot and ask if this is a problem.
Right off, we cannot please everybody. It may conflict with other evening events (when is Velocity Dinner?) or you were not planning on arriving until Thursday.
I am asking just in case there is a surprise SpaceX launch scheduled that night or something else worth doing.

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