Re: COZY: Embedded camera mounts


I am mounting a camera in the tail of my baggage pod so I can view the engine in flight, and to clear the prop on start.

Ron Montgomery

On Jul 30, 2015, at 7:21 AM, Erlend Moen <erlend@...> wrote:

Since I'm still a builder, I have the opportunity to do stuff that I would'nt do so easy with a finished plane.
I was thinking of all the discussions about mounting cameras on the plane.
How about embedding some mounting points at selected positions, to safely attach cameras? I was thinking of some sort of an anchored aluminum-tube arrangement that are tapped for an AN3-bolt for instance. When not in use the hole can easily be hidden with a patch of white tape.

Is this a bad or good idea? If good - any suggestions to where good positions would be?

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