Second / Third - owners


Hi all,

I beleave that the darkly colored airplanes people have been observing are
only the tip on the iceburg. People notice these airplanes, because they so
FAR outside of the norm.

I am the third owner of a long N821RP. I had the itch to own a longEZ for
YEARS before I purchased one. I even bought a set of plans and read them
cover to cover thinking I would build one after completeing a home remodel.
Still, as I go through the airplane I am forever asking more and more
questions. Luckily the airplane is based in Arlington WA and there are many
friendly, helpful people there. I would say that is your best defense....a
good offense. Several canard owners have introduced themselves and offered
to help me in anyway they can.

Those people told me about this group. About where to go for information.
Small tips to keep the aircraft in great condition. Most of all, they have
never laughed at a stupid question nor made me feel that I was unwelcome. I
know they have already made my EZ days safer.

As a third owner, I am VERY interested in learning about EZ's and would very
much appreciate a private conversation that saved me from my own ignorance.
Please, when you see a guy like me screwing up, tell me as gently, and
clearly, as possible. Nobody wants to crash.

Tim Patterson

From: doug <Doug.Hurd@...>

If we really cared we would all work at a downloadable free
booklet called,
"Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy A Homebuilt Composite
Aircraft" by many many builders.................

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