Re: Battery charger for Odyssey Batterys?

Bulent Aliev

I have two Odyssey batteries (in parallel)  and one of the small trickle charge Battery Minders. I think they are about 1A. In the cabin one of my cigarette lighter sockets are connected directly to the batteries and protected with 2A CB. When in the hangar, the BM is plugged in the cig. lighter socket and keeps the batteries topped off. In flight, I use the same socket for iPad charging.

Bulent "Buly" Aliev
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We second James's endorsement of the Battery Minder products. We have many battery operated and battery start things/machines/tools and all of them were on el-cheapo "maintainers" which eventually still cooked most of the batteries though better than nothing. Most of the batteries are on things with occasional, intermittent or rare use. The types run the full range from wet/gell/sealed/AGM.
Research indicated Battery Minder products were a different animal, so we bought six of them plus one of their larger charger/maintainer products. All the batteries are happy still, they even brought back four gell cells used in two electric wheel chairs that had been in a scrap yard.
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I’ve had exceptional performance with these chargers.  Temperature compensated and designed specifically for AGM batteries.  
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What brand name chargers are use for the small Odyssey battery's we use in our planes?   The 12 volt 12 amp models???

Tom Smith  A&P
Long-EZ N12TS

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