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Bill Allen <bill@...>

Us aircraft owner/flyers/builders can be sensitive to criticism sometimes.
Occasionally the blunt approach will get the message through for all the
reasons previously posted. If I saw Pedro, I'd try to make the main point to
him clearly and concisely with something like "You're going to kill yourself
in that". It will probably get his attention. (forget all of the above if
he's bigger, faster and uglier than me....)

Bill Allen

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Subject: Re: [c-a] Second / Third - owners


I beleave that the darkly colored airplanes people have been observing are
only the tip on the iceburg. People notice these airplanes, because they so
FAR outside of the norm..............
I think this post has really defined the issue. I don't know where this 'dark'
aircraft and it's owner are located. Seems like it's Florida. Any and all
composite builders/pilots in the area should contact the guy, and "gently and
clearly" tell him about the problem. He may not like to hear it.
the peace of mind of knowing that you made an effort.


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