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My vote goes for ( b ).

Ron Montgomery

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It should be easy to acknowledge that Burt has had an influence on our world of homebuilt experimental aircraft.  If we look outside the workshop, we can see that almost all industries have been influenced by Burt....  in the attached pictures, we can see the how architects and engineers have incorporated parts of Burt's aircraft designs in to everyday objects....

In photo 1, we can see bulkhead F-22.  Wow!  To imagine, a concrete step on our patio was built by someone who studied "The Plans".
In photo 2, we can see the removable Fuselage Top.  Its amazing to realize that Staples used our plans to design a mail box!!
And finally, in photo 3, we can see that the Chinese shower curtain manufacturers have incorporated the use of UNI and peel ply in to an everyday shower curtain.

All this, right in front of my eyes....  Anyone else see it?  :)  

So, am I 

a.) an obsessive
b.) a psychotic
c.) a builder

Andrew Anunson
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