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That is interesting to me... My 925 has been in the plane now for 7-3/4 years and still going strong as new, never abused but never babied either...
I did not realize that there are reported quality issues with the Odysseys.


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I gave up on Odyssey batteries 6 years ago. I replace Three Odyssey 925 batteries in 9 years and decided enough was enough. By the way, I had tenders on the last two 24/7.  I went back to concord 35AXC type. It’s large and powerful.  I have had it in the plane for 6 years without issue. It has enough cranking amps to keep the ignition and all electrical in the plane going for at least 2 hours.  Odyssey batteries are way over rated and cost a lot of money for poor quality and minimum longevity.  Don’t let the bright orange color fool you into believing you’re getting anything special, you’re not!


You are better off with a lawn mower / tractor battery than purchasing an Odyssey.


Just expressing my personal experience with the product.




Phil Camarda

Long EZ Driver


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Hey guys, 

I went out to the plane this morning to go fly and my Odyssey PC 680 was dead...well, almost, it had 5.2 volts left in it.  I was ticked off after doing all the prep for the flight and not being able to go!

This is a puzzlement as I flew it last weekend with no problems, and no, I didn't leave anything "on".  I checked all the usual suspects and came up with nothing as to why it died.

The puzzlement is this battery is only 2.5 years old and not abused. Only gingerly used by a Lil' ol' lady from Pasadena once a year......LOL

I have used this type battery in the past and it usually gets to about 5 years  before crapping out. I did buy this from a discount house which makes me suspicious.

Anyway, scrubbed flight and have a new bat. on the way from ACS.

Vance Atkinson

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