Alum instrument panel

Bill Allen

Hi All,

A pal of mine in the UK is replacing his original panel with an alum panel during an instrument upgrade. There is no "education and recreation" category here, so he has to get "permission".

The authorities are suggesting that the alum panel (0.125" 2024T3)will be weaker than the original 5 ply BID (2plys one side 3 the other) and will thus need additional bracing.

I know that many folk have installed alum panel, and I'm just asking on his behalf, if you have, could you let me know
how many attach points,
any local beef up, and
if you have any "additional bracing" if you thought that the Alum was weaker than the 5ply bid original?

Many thanks!

Bill Allen
LongEz160 N99BA FD51
LongEz diesel G-LEZE EGBJ

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