Re: Long-EZ/COZY/etc. Wing Bolt Retention

Burrall Sanders

We've done this a few times since we built our first Berkut and realized that it is a good idea.  Be careful not to use too flimsy of material, we discovered one retainer on a Berkut that let the bolt head spin (half inch all metal lock nuts turn pretty hard) we had to use a handheld hacksaw blade to cut the bolt to get the wing off, trust me you don't want to do that.  But otherwise, yes its a good way to retain a  wing bolt and eliminate the holes in the wing needed to gain access to the bolt heads  ACS sells an extruded AL. channel that is strong enough but needs a small amount of material machined away from the inside to fit the bolt head.

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David Froble wrote:
As with many things, it's the "idea" or "concept" that is most important.

And I agree, it's a great idea.  However, that clunky piece of metal weighs how much?

It's AL - it's a few oz.
It seems to me that this part is not structural, and could be much more "flimsy".

This particular one could be, yes - it's machined from billet. Redmon's piece is an extrusion, so is lighter.
Perhaps even something removable, just like your chunk of foam?

That wouldn't prevent bolt rotation, which is 1/2 of the purpose of the thing. If you need a second wrench, you need a 2nd person.

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