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Kevin Kelly


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We've discussed this type of thing before, but a Long-EZ I'm working on had a particularly nice outer main spar wing bolt retention scheme that makes it very simple for one person to remove and install the wings. All it requires is one small c'sunk drilled hole in the center between the two outer wing bolts.

After the wing bolts are installed in the main spar, this piece is slid over them and a 1/4-28 flathead screw is used to retain the bolt heads; preventing them from turning or pushing back into the spar. The center hole is tapped so the screw pulls it tight against the bolt heads.

The inner bolt still needs to be held in place manually - I install it and wedge it in place with a piece of blue foam until I get the nut started. It might be possible to build a 1/2 version of this part to retain the inner wing bolt - haven't tried that, since wedging with a piece of foam works reasonably well.

While installing the bolts in the spar is reversed from the plans, this scheme makes it far easier to install the wing.


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