Re: COZY: Odyssey 680 pickle

Craig Westwood

Does the Odyssey have low voltage protection?  Meaning it won't charge until it reaches some minimal level?  Try connecting another battery and the charger?  Or possibly the charger wont charge until and minimal voltage is reached?

I left the master on a few months ago (Odyssey 680) and charged it the next day, but it wouldn't turn over more than 2-3 blades, so ordered a new Odyssey... put the old battery on the charger for the heck of it a couple weeks later, and that battery now seems fine... bah.  

On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 6:41 PM, vance atkinson <nostromo56@...> wrote:
Wouldnt take a charge...(showed 7 amps only on the meter.......)

On 5/13/2016 5:44 PM, Richard Rohaly wrote:
Did you re-charge it and see if it would hold a charge?

I had issues with my Odyssey batteries in the past and the issue was the battery voltage seemed to drop after not flying but once a month on average. The starter would barely turn the motor and if it didn't start on the first try, I'd have to put the charger on for a few hours.
I checked my system for possible current draw  and couldn't find any. I eventually found a loose weak connection at the starter motor, but even having the battery sit with little use, I still had an issue with some weakness. I finally bought a battery tender which I leave hooked up all the time and I hook it up after each flight. It always spins the motor with lots of energy to spare.
The guys at Odyssey said that the battery should maintain somewhere around 12-12.5 volts when just sitting as I recall. I would call them and maybe they will help out with the cost of a replacement if its fairly new.
Also, when the master has been left on by accident and the battery goes dead, it can be recharged and brought back to life.
Dick Rohaly

On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 1:57 PM, vance atkinson <nostromo56@...> wrote:
Hey guys, 

I went out to the plane this morning to go fly and my Odyssey PC 680 was dead...well, almost, it had 5.2 volts left in it.  I was ticked off after doing all the prep for the flight and not being able to go!

This is a puzzlement as I flew it last weekend with no problems, and no, I didn't leave anything "on".  I checked all the usual suspects and came up with nothing as to why it died.

The puzzlement is this battery is only 2.5 years old and not abused. Only gingerly used by a Lil' ol' lady from Pasadena once a year......LOL

I have used this type battery in the past and it usually gets to about 5 years  before crapping out. I did buy this from a discount house which makes me suspicious.

Anyway, scrubbed flight and have a new bat. on the way from ACS.

Vance Atkinson

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