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Waddya mean?

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Andrew Anunson wrote:
What is a generous service loop?

7.3. You get to pick the units.

Depends on the installation. If you're wiring a harness to an instrument / piece of avionics, allow for the thing to be moved in the IP - folks reconfigure panels regularly, and being able to move an instrument without having to rewire it - maybe just cut a few tie-wraps and relocate a bundle attachment to the fuselage side - is a lot simpler. But heuristics are better than description - here are examples of some nice wiring:

I'd have left longer harnesses in the 2nd,3rd and fourth, but obviously, nicely done. The wires are not just pulled from point to point, dangling in space in singletons.

Bundles help support each other and make for fewer stress/fatigue failures at connections. Don't pull wires tight at connectors - leave some slack for a bit of motion or for when you bonk into it while doing maintenance.

This, not so much:

Eh. It's probably average to maybe even slightly above average for homebuilder wiring, but it's less than optimal. I can't find many pics of lousy wiring - folks tend not to throw pics of lousy work up in public. But if you work on EAB aircraft, you see a LOT of crappy wiring jobs.

Other than the excess protection on this particular plane, the wiring was mostly nicely done. I'm getting pickier as I get older...

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