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Just so this phenomenon is understood to be something that happens across widely varied types:

Departed 01R at KSFO / San Francisco on Saturday.  Was the F/O's takeoff so one of my duties is to scan instruments during takeoff run.  This thread must have been in the back of my mind as my eyeball happened to be on the altimeter when F/O rotated.  Altimeter went DOWN about 30 feet at the moment rotation and stayed there until we'd been in the air for a second or two.  It then read normally.  Keep in mind this is in a big Boeing jet w/ very sophisticated, expen$ive air data computers that correct for all sorts of things.

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Think about this from an aerodynamic principle point of view.  What is happening at the moment you rotate?  The whole region around the aircraft becomes a high"er" pressure region.  What would an altimeter indicate if it suddenly was in an area of high pressure?  That's right.  The VVI will show descent until you move out of the ground effect region.  Every aircraft I have ever flown has done this to some degree.


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