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We look forward to seeing you on your "farewell tour" it has been great knowing the both of you! And we will miss you!

Chrissi & Randi
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After this years trip to the Bahamas Bash, Doris and I have decided to be our last. After RR in September we will be terminating our aviation activities.
It was a great journey building and flying the CZ over the last 20 years. 
It took us 9 times to the Bahamas fly ins, 9 times to RR and many shorter get togethers with flying buddies. We made many great friends and will have the great memories and photos. It is time to move to other things. Most likely cruising the US in a RV while we still can? 
Both of us right now are trying to clear the clutter of things we have accumulated over the years. It is mind boggling how much "stuff" you have , until you try to get rid of it. The worst are the things that the kids don't want, you can not just take to the curb, and no one to give to :). 
We figure, it will take us a year to sort it out?
Now we are looking forward to our last trip in the Cozy to Rough River.
Hope we'll see most of you there.

Bulent "Buly" Aliev
X50 Edgewater, FL

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