Re: COZY: New Seatbelts

Andrew Anunson

Marc Zeitlin wrote:
ACS's kit list, on line, shows the "plans" version as:P/N 13-01300
But I don't like those very much - they look cheesy to me. They're also a lot more expensive than I remember. The ones I've got don't seem to be listed at ACS anymore (maybe that's a hint...).

ACS has had that same set of belts listed for the Cozy MKIV since at least 2006 (which is when I was getting started with this, ahem, 2 or 3 year project).
The price has increased drastically, I think they were around than $60 per set 10 years ago.  My 2013 ACS catalog lists them at $106 per set.  Now, $158!?!?
Perhaps you got your belts from Wicks?

Wicks aircraft sells the chrome buckles, and their part number is 


At $200 each, this is slightly more than the ACS price of $158 per set.... but just like John Deere green, that chrome ain't cheap!

Andrew Anunson
Cozy MKIV #1273
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