Re: COZY: Spinner Aerodynamic Benefits [1 Attachment]

Marc J. Zeitlin

Jeff Barnes wrote:
Klaus races with his on (hint hint).

Klaus has also never published any information on any of his speed mods, since he races and does not want to give away useful information to other racers.

Klaus has some stuff on his plane that are misdirection plays. Of course, we don't know which are real and which are misdirection. Since I'm not aware of anyone else who has been able to measure a drag/speed difference with/without a spinner, I'm inclined to believe that it's a misdirection play.

An alternative view is that it's useful on HIS plane, but with all the OTHER mods his plane has, maybe the spinner only makes a difference in combination with 2 - 5 other mods.

Who (besides Klaus) knows...

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