Re: Lycoming O360 A4M core value

trcsmith <TRCSmith@...>

Just out of range for free. 

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
Long-EZ N12TS

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Tom said
"If it's in northern California I'll look at it for free."

Thank you Tom! the engine is unfortunately in Perth Australia

Andrew said

Short Answer:
If its airworthy, then $8000
It it isn't, then $1500."

I would put it in the not airworthy basket for the following reasons
1. the engine is not complete
2. it was certainly not preserved after removal

Tim said
"It's hard to  say without knowing the time on the present rebuild (logs?)

I can find that out

"the engine model and s/n"
Engine Model O360 A4M; S/n L-221912-36E

 and most important why was it removed?
Not a hundred percent sure of this-I will check

" Where is it now and how long has it been not running and is it pickled?"
It is in workshop-aircraft service centre
it was removed May 2014
 "You mention it has a servo so is it fuel injected?"
My mistake- it has a carburettor-definitely not fuel injected 

"If it was a Lycoming rebuild then you do know it has first run cylinders and camshaft  on it since they do not reuse them, "

It was

"and at 6K hours it's likely several other parts have been replaced by now also, like crankshaft, case etc."

looks li ke it according to the logbook and AD's completed- I will check this

I do have the S/N so I will see what I can get from Lycoming

Thanks for the inputs thusfar



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