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Some years ago we searched for this material and found that it was not available at that time, from any manufacturer, if at all.
I do know they have been made from cold roll steel square tubes.
We were asked to make these and we decided not to based on two issues, the first being the weld of the 3/4" x 3/4" plug in the end of the tube was all that secured the mount in each corner and second, our mounts with the additional tubes added to prevent the inevitable cracks/breaks do not have the ability to run a bolt through the center of the mounting stubs.
We are not so concerned about the weld any more but still our mounts would not be suited to this mounting style.

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Are these for a new installation or is this R & R (remove and replace).  The difference is match existing holes or just drilling them in the standard place.

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Hi Dale,

It seems spec'ing 1x1" can be interpreted as round!!!
I call them vortex generator because that was the name inthe web address ;-)
I tried contacting your guys via 2x different email addresses but nothing back.
That is the style of mount i am talking about. I think from memory you have made them before according to your site or a previous canard post? Please inspire me, what wpould it cost to have a set made up and shipped to teh UK please?

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When I was building many years ago, I used to get my metal from Dillsburg Metals in Dillsburg, PA. He used to keep his stock in old chicken coops. He would sell you any quantity or lengths. Don't know if is still in business but he was great to deal with. For what it's worth.

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Did you try McMaster-Carr?

Probably a long shot as they sell to
builders of homes, office buildings, etc.
Not likely to have 4130 but see:


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