3rd Class medical reform News

Michael Amick

I just got a call from a lobbyist friend who told me the 3rd Class medical reform bill had passed both the Senate & House & was on the way to the president's desk for signature. Probably a few days until signed & then the date of effect will be ?? 
It does allow all PP Non Commercial operations including IFR & Retract (Yea! for all Rutan EZ linage Canards) for aircraft under (I believe) 10k lbs.
Whew, I had my doubts but looks like EAA & AOPA efforts paid off.  
I let my Medical lapse over 10 years ago so I will still need a new 3rd class but now only a form filled out by your regular Dr. every 4 years & kept with your log book is all that's needed.

Michael Amick
VE project @MBT

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