Re: Need ideas for a friends Lancair

David A Froble

Flying Tiger wrote:

Hi All, A friend who just completed his Lancair 360 has flown about 10 hours
with an instructor who is also familiar with Lancair's. He is having a
tracking problem and asked me to pose his problems to the group since
Lancair hasn't been very helpful.

Here is his problem:

1. On takeoff he has a very noticeable pull to the left which he counteracts
by right braking and rudder once it becomes effective.

3. Once landed the airplane again pulls to the left which he counters with a
lot of hard right braking.

Today we checked his gear alignment using plumb bob, caulk, long straight
edges and measuring tape.
We found that both the mains are lined up toward the right side of center
looking from the tail forward, by 1/2 of an inch. I told him our EZ's have a
similar problem when the wheels are not tracking perfectly straight and that
we wind up doing the dance during taxi, takeoff and landings (at least I
do). The Lancair has a free castering nosewheel similar to our EZ's and is
aligned perfectly straight.
Not sure if I'm understanding correctly, but when you say "lined up toward the
right side of center", do you mean the wheels are pointing to the right? If so,
then consider a car being driven backwards. If, as you are watching the car go
away from you, if the front wheels are turned to the right (from the driver's
perspective), then the back of the car will go (to your) left. Just what you
say the Lancair is doing. Sounds reasonable to me.


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