Re: COZY: Compact transponder antenna for under the skin.


I just installed a UAT antenna (small whip supplied by the manufacturer) in a similar place in another Cozy. We had to use that location to ensure adequate separation between the transponder antenna (which is forward of the instrument panel) and the UAT Antenna. 

The antenna is installed inside the aircraft in the hell-hole. We used copper paint to create the ground plane. We made a stand out of metal that extends off the NACA duct (main gear access panel) so we didn't have to penetrate the exterior and expose the antenna. The install isn't complete yet, a mount to install in the display instrument panel is in progress. We will let you know the results once we get the system operational.


From: Del Schier K1UHF
To: cozy_builders@...; Canard Aviators Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2016 10:50 AM
Subject: COZY: Compact transponder antenna for under the skin.

I recently installed a SkyGuard UAT ADS-B transmitter in the back of my Cozy and have it working with the supplied foot long J-pole antenna suction cupped to the back cabin window.

I would like to have the antenna somewhere on the back floor.  I could put a 1/4 wave whip and ground plane like I have up front but I don't like the big ground plane and that it sticks through.

Looks like this is a nice antenna that can easily be home brewed and will work well under the back seat. See:

It was designed specifically for a transponder in a fiberglass airplane by a very talented RF designer that flies a motor glider.  He has lots of other neat stuff he made for his glider:

I might scale his design for 978 MHz, but as it is it will probably work.  I thought this would be of interest to anyone that has not yet installed a transponder in their canard, or anyone installing ADS-B out.  There are some even more compact, completely flat ones, but not with full instructions for fabrication.

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