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the ADF was one of my favorite nav tools for sailing, LORAN the least, this was all before GPS. Don't have room for one in our panel for the ADF. Maybe West Marine still sells the little manual handheld ones =) 

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I'll second the kick of using dead reckoning.   One flight that stands out was hundreds of miles diagonally across mid-Kansas to the northeast toward Omaha.   Marking the time of passing the few stand-out checkpoints on my paper flight-log and doing old-school time-speed calculations,  Occassionally I would get reasonable VOR reception and take cross-fixes.   But often enough it was just the chart and outside rural landscape. .    After hundreds of miles and a few hours of droning well into the night,  I found that I've come out at the expected area in civilization again.    I enjoyed that.   Of course with much weather it becomes a greater challenge.   

I also really enjoy(ed) using the ADF.   .   For my instrument ticket I really put effort into learning and practicing with it for approaches as was required.   One stand-out flight was late at night flying from Mojave to SantaRosa California with a high-power AM station just short of SantaRosa near Gnoss Field.  I followed the ADF on that all the way, adjusting heading as the ADF suggested.    I still want an ADF in my airplane if nothing other than to listen to AM and play with the ADF indications..

But GPS and Foreflight are with me to stay.   I evaluated WingX and even at free I wiped it off my iPad and don't want it..   Screen navigation is nonsensical, non-intuitive and not only do you have to learn it once,  you continually need to re-learn how to navigate thru the set of screens and what is where....and how to get back.   If you don't fly often enough you can't remember it.      Often enough I would acccidently hit some button that took me to a screen and had no idea what made it happen how to get back to a known page.     So I would sit there cursing and poking buttons to try to back.   To heck with that,  WingX need to fix their product but I'm not waiting on it.   


On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 9:44 PM, Andrew Mara <maracode@...> wrote:
A few years ago the GPS died in the spam can that I fly (still doing layups every night). The owner never replaced it. So I now navigate by dead reconing, visually, VORs, ADF and flight following. It is fantastic! I didn't realse that GPS had taken all the fun out of navigation. Following a river or a powerline to your destination is truely wonderful. And when Boston center is done vectoring me around traffic and clears me direct. I get an akward silence when I ask for a vector to UUU, but they do give it to me.
OK, I have used Avare(free). It kills me that after entering a flight plan- I have to hit a button "Inactive". The button then changes to "active". That is insane! I'd rather dead recon.

On Oct 23, 2016 8:59 PM, "'Drew Swenson' via COZY Builders Mailing List" <> wrote:
I used wingx when they started...and primarily chose it since they were the only one with with an ads b interface at the time.  They offered a lifetime ifr/vfr data subscription via their business partner Seattle Avionics.   Many years later, wingx terminated their arrangement with Seattle Avionics....bad news for me.   The good news is that I could use my subscription with Seattle Avionics own EFB.  Took me a little while to get used to it....and several updates later, it is working better and better.
Drew Swenson

On Oct 23, 2016, at 8:43 PM, Bob Holliston bob.holliston@... [canard-aviators] <> wrote:

Ric, I like your take on this (real men don't read instructions). If the learning process isn't intuitive it's not worth having (my opinion). The least intuitive navigation device I've ever owned is a Garmin Aera. Man, I hate it and only have it as a backup for my mini Ipad with ForeFlight. All that said, I've been at Klaus' place when people call about having installation problems. He patiently sits there and reads them the instructions - LOL. 

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 3:12 PM, Slick Ric bkut540builder@... [canard-aviators] <> wrote:
I tried an early version of Wing X and did not like it.  Then I tried ForeFlight and
have been using it for the past 3 years.  My test is to let someone who has never tried the software see if they can figure it out without looking at the instructions.

Several pilots that have never used Foreflight quickly got the hang of it just messing around with it when I handed them my iPad.  I cannot speak to the later versions of Wing X.

Ric Lee
Berkut 540

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Being newbs to both aps and I am sure each has it's strengths, from those that have both or given both a good try.... which do you find most useful and easiest to use while in flight?

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