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I think we stopped stippling around chapter 3

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I have been building my Cozy MKIV with MGS 335 epoxy the entire time.  All this time, I never got the hang of stippling... it never worked for me.  I always had much better luck with a squeegee and a hair dryer, sometimes using a pick to fix some small air bubbles.

Now that I'm building the strakes (the fuel tanks).... I'm using EZ 10 Resin with EZ 87 hardener.  My first layup with the brown stuff.. and I actually do like the smell.  It smells real.  

Anyway, I tried stippling tonight... Oh.. my... gosh... stippling really works with EZ Poxy!    It doesn't work that well, for me, with MGS.  It always made things worse.  I think the plans were developed, including stippling, with a thicker epoxy like EZ Poxy.  

Andrew Anunson

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