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Jamming in outer tube- my concern as well. Maybe add a wiper seal to the outer end of tube, probably overkill but suspending  step tube in a cage of three rollers arranged in a triangle allows for dirt etc without jamming at all.

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You might want to consider 6061 rather than 2024 as the 6061 corrosion properties are better.  My concern for corrosion is not strength but simply it is going to be less likely to jam in the outer tube.
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Vance Atkinson wrote:
I already have a solid piece of 2024 T6...
and was planning to use it but some of the local technocrats pointed out as several of you did, that it would most likely be worse than what I have.
Worse on a per-weight basis, but a solid rod will be stronger and stiffer than the 0.065" wall tube you have now.
Have thought about drilling it out on a lathe.
And if you drill it out to 0.375" ID, you'll have a tube almost twice the strength/stiffness of what you now have, that weighs slightly more than twice as much. If you have access to a lathe and a long 3/8" drill, that's the way to go.
BUT anyone contemplating this setup needs to make the sliding rod beefier.
Or use a larger diameter tube for both the inner and outer tubing. I've got a 1" OD tube and a 7/8" OD rod (or maybe a 7/8" OD and 3/4" OD rod - can't remember), both AL (no idea if they're 2024-T3 or 6061-T6, but the strengths are pretty similar, so it doesn't really matter) as seen here:
and I've had 260 lb. people stand on the end of the rod with no issue.
Since you've already glassed in the outer tube, you don't want to go to a larger diameter, but for those not yet installed, larger diameter will be stronger/stiffer for a given weight.
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