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Greg Norman

You bet! Thank you David!


On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 8:57 PM, David Kissick geckoinc99@... [canard-aviators] <canard-aviators@...> wrote:

    While it doesn't work quite as well as Tom's search engine did, if you go to the actual Google Group page at!forum/cozy_builders you can use the search box located at the top. It will still whittle things down for you but you generally get less hits for it than the other search. It's better than scanning through emails. 

David Kissick

On Feb 8, 2017, at 3:24 PM, Greg Norman gnorm76@... [canard-aviators] <> wrote:


Tom Tugan made a text search for the Cozy archives emails for Marc's Unofficial Cozy Website. This was a fantastic link that had every topic or answer for every question that has been asked and answered over and over for decades. This resource I feel is as good or equally important to keep and maintain as the CSA and old Cozy newsletter archives.

I went to this reference a hundered times during my build for good andswers and solutions from real inventive or intelligent folks who just are not accessable anymore. This text search engine is down and makes it overwhelming and time consuming to find a particular topic from thousands of emails. For now its like sifting though all my old Sports Aviation magazines for a good build tip.

Is there a volunteer out there who would like the challenge of making a new email archive text search engine fur us and future builders? I'd do it but my IT experience goes no farther than an online download.

Greg Norman
Cozy MKIV #134

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