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Buly & Doris, you will be missed. At the same time congratulations on the start of you next new adventure! If you come to SNF please stop by.

Chrissi& Randi
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Guys and Girls,
My CZ N484BD was sold and now it is located in Houston TX area. Vance Atkinson was here for 3 days for a exhausting pre-buy and annual. After a test flight, we had him gassed up and I watched my 20 year obsession disapear in the blue sky.
Hope the new owner enjoys it as much as we did. We will miss Bahamas Bash this year. It would have been our 11th year without fail.
I will hang on the list for now if there are no objections? Planning to be at RR in a RV (motor home) if things work out?
It was worth it! 

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