First flight


Today Cozy N53CZ took to the air for the first time after 12 years 9 months of building. First flight lasted a total of 27 minutes with very minor first flight squawks. Oil and head temps were well within limits for the duration of the flight. After take off I circled the field at 1000 feet a couple of circuits then climbed to 2000 feet to practice a couple of simulated approaches in preparation for landing. After a couple of simulated approaches I descended to pattern altitude and executed an approach to landing with a scheduled go around once over the numbers. Next approach was for a full stop. Touch down was on the numbers with absolutely no problems.

A big thanks to Nick Ugolini who flew down for the big event and his help with the flight and his help through out the build. Thank you Matt Bunch for seat time in your Cozy, and my wife Kay for putting up with all the headaches through out the build.

Ron Montgomery

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