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For the first ten or so years, my seat cushions were covered in a simple strong cotton cloth.  It worked well enough but soiled easily and eventually showed signs of wear.  When I invested in some Temperfoam to help protect my spine, I (OK, my wife) made new covers with a mid weight nylon Cordurea.  Has been great for the past 30 years and still very strong.  Seems to breathe just fine, though the brand has grown to so many varieties, I'm sure some don't these days. What I used was similar to what many better small backpacks are made with, the 'classic' I think they call it now.


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It's time to get better cushions.
I have a good supply of 3 types of
"astronauts foam" or Confor
(spelling?) already.

I guess I need 2 yards of something strong.

So what cloth is best?   i have checked the
3 local sources; that was very disappointing.
(and expensive)

My wife is no help.  I don't know the difference
between denim, burlap, and barkcloth.

I have to order on line and soon.

I am thinking of a fairly light cloth (to avoid
heat absorption when parked)  which is
part dacron/part cotton.   Bad idea?

I can get covers done here after I get some

I will appreciate any comments very much.

Bruce Hughes

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