Re: LEZ Main Gear shudder / Additional torsional plies

jack hohner

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A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have replied to my post.  Some great thoughts.  To answer the questions that arose:

I like Keith's suggestion that damping may be what we really need.  Any good ideas about how to increase dampng? I don't think I want to put
a Monroe Shock Absorber on each gear leg!

I don't quite follow how Dale's suggestion of adding plies to the bottom will decrease the "gear walk" ability.  

Thanks again to all.

Tom Jewett
Long EZ N35TM
Morrison, CO

The early RV's with the spring steel round tapered bar used a wood fairing to help dampen.  I used a similar approach for dampening the homemade spring steel gear I built for a little sport plane I designed and built.  It works good.

Jack Hohner
Long EZ
Spokane, WA



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