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Mike Tooze

Hi All,

In view of Joel's excellent notes re the above and Dave Schultz' quote of Douglas Adams :-)  I thought that I ought to give more detail of my Vari Eze fuel system as, although 'to plans', it turned out not exactly so.

My Vari has an O-235 and so, as for O-235VEs and Longs, has both electric and engine driven fuel pumps.

Also, as VE plans, it has the fuel selector (both/ reserve/ off) in the 'hell hole' thus the fuel lines are of minimal length.

However not as most Varis, it has fuel sumps under the pick-ups in the strakes, along with finger filters. (Unlike the Long my sumps are buried in fairings running the length and under the strakes.)  (NB These sumps once successfully held contaminated water without any passing the finger filters.)

The vents are part of the fuel system. (As is the air pressure at the carb)
I should have noted that my vents, two off, run from a common location under the left strake up to a 'vent common' point at the top of the reserve tank - as high as I could get.  This common vent pressure feeds the two main and the reserve tanks.

The single exhaust exits from the right side of the rear lower cowl away from any spill from the vents to the left.

Thanks to Joel for the prompt, I should not have implied that my VE fuel system was exactly 'to plans' although it has for the past thirty three years worked reasonably 'fine'.

Just to clarify,

Mike Tooze

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Hi All,

As Wally indicates, as plans, the main tanks in the Vari are Tee'd for fuel level balancing.  It works fine.
I and many other Varis also have made the rear turtle back into a full reserve tank, as opposed to a smaller separate reserve tank under the turtle back.

With this and careful flight planning I have intentionally run the mains dry with around 40+ mins left in the reserve.
Too old for that now...

My 2d

Mike Tooze O-235 Vari Eze G-EMMY

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Subject: [c-a] Fuel tank balancing

Fuel tank balancing. My C  182 had two separate tanks,  hated it. My  first airplane was a Vultee BT-13.  Two  tanks separate in supply but one tank had a standpipe about two inches high or so.  Normally  fly with drawing from the tank above the stand pipe. When switching  to reserve draw from bottom of that tank. About 30 minute reserve.  On warm up use the reserve setting, if water in tank a person would find  out on the ground.  Before taking off switch to regular tank.  I loved that system.
·       On my  VariEze put a 2 gallon tank behind passengers head. Sure liked that 2 gallon reserve tank, Lots of good frame of mind with fuel supply.   Wally Loewen,  80WL