COZY: Touch Up Painting

Del Schier

Keith,  I have touched up and re-painted various spots and areas on my Cozy with good success.  I had the original PPG ESSS paint code but after trying a new can I could see it was several shades too light.  I took the nose cover to the PPG store and they got it almost perfect but gave me some tint which I used and got a 99.9% match.  Small chips I use the wands I got at the auto paint store, they are like plastic tooth picks with a 1/16 ball of fuzz on the end, like a micro Q-Tip.  Other areas, as small as 1” I sprayed and then rubbed out the overspray.  I may depend on the paint you plane has as to results.


Del Schier

Cozy IV N197DL

Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL




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I have numerous spots that need touch up paint...hangar rash etc. And really it should get a complete paint job. But.... So I was thinking how to spray spot and mask off other areas. I'm thinking of using thin film moving wrap over most areas and then detailing the spots. Comments?

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