Velocity rudder pedal assy (for Cozy) for sale...

James Russell

H all:

Next up is this new Velocity rudder pedal assy that I adapted for my Coxy Mk IV. When I bought Joe Person's great
project, he had already installed Dennis Oelmann rudder pedals - so this set is extra to me.

I have:
1) Cleaned up, zinc chromate primed, white topcoated, & sprayed LPS-3 everywhere inside.

2) Bored out the mount blocks for Teflon-lined bushings and added thrust washers.

3) Replaced the shaft through bolts w/ NAS close tolerance bolts & added saddle washers (not shown in the photos).

4) Replaced all hardware.

5) Milled the mount blocks to make the mounting surfaces even to install the assy horizontally.

The pedal assy is really well made, the pedal have 3 positions for adjustability, and the bushings eliminate metal-to-metal contact for long life.

The pedals are set up for pilot side brakes, and the rudder cables attach on each side, as usual.

Please see photos.

I am asking $250 + shipping.

Please email for more info.