[Canard Forum] Dynon D6/10/10A display failure/replacement?


Thank you Erik and James for the LCD screen part number and the ebay source. Thanks also to Del, for the comment about voltage to the unit.
So, as it turns out, I had accidentally turned on the un-installed unit and so it was operating on its own internal battery. I think the internal battery was either very cold, or barely charged, and probably not full voltage. I later tested the cold unit on the bench, on internal battery and it still was very dim. Connecting to an external 12Vdc source, brought up (what I think is) a full brightness screen. Interestingly, when the external 12Vdc was removed, the unit stayed at full brightness. At any rate, it seems the LCD is OK for now.

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Screen:  Sharp LQ038Q5DR01 LCD display


I picked one up off of eBay as a spare – there are many available.  Google it and you can find some other sources as well.



-James Redmon

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