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Andrew Anunson

On 17/11/2022 05:58, 'Andrew Anunson'  wrote:
Spent a little time at the hangar today sealing up winter drafts in the nose of my Cozy today, but not sure how to address the hole in F-22 that I had to create for the EZ-Noselift manual backup system.   Has anybody got a successful solution to preventing air from coming through this penetration?  

Hanging out in my co-worker's office last week, we discussed sealing up the manual retract that rotates and moves through F-22.  We saw Marc Zeitlin's idea that he made with glass and searched around for a pre-made solution.

We knew it would work when we saw it... a Jeff Gordon (NASCAR) beer cozy.

I slit it lengthwise, installed it with double sided tape, and test flew it.  It works GREAT!
Its weak enough to not cause any unwanted failures (binding up the retract mechanism needs to be considered with different solutions).

Thanks for all your ideas, they led to this solution.  I don't think these type beer holders are for sale anymore.  The new ones are much thinner and more flimsy.

Andrew Anunson
Cozy MKIV #1273
Pound, VA  
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