Dynon D10A screen replacement

Neil Clayton

A while ago I bought a new Dynon display screen from Teamequip for about $30 total.
I just got around to installing it and it’s dead.
Now Teamequip doesn’t show it on their website and they’re not answering their phone or live “chat”.

I thought about sending the unit to Dynon for repair but they’ll charge hundreds.

Does any one have another source where I can buy a replacement screen?


I think I found several sources, not just Teamequip.

Try searching Google for LQ038Q5DR01

I did and several sources came up.

On Sep 22, 2022, at 3:16 PM, Dale Martin <Niceez@...> wrote:

Del & Neil,

I am unable to find the same part?   Must have been their last one!

LQ038Q5DR01 LCD Screen Display Panel Module T147915



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On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 9:09 AM Del Schier <cozypilot@...> wrote:

Neil and the group,  I noticed Mouser and DigiKey both have that screen marked as discontinued! So if you have a D-10 EFIS or EMS it might be wise to get a spare while they are still floating around.




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Thanks to everyone who responded for my request to source a new Dynon screen for my D10A (especially Del).


I found one at Teamequip.com (915 603-5444).


It’s described as 

on their website.


It came in yesterday; $15, plus $21 shipping = $36, total vs Dynon’s $600!!

I’ll fit it at the weekend and report how it works.


Thanks to everyone!