ADS-B Inspection

Andrew Anunson

I've been calling some local airplane mechanics to schedule my transponder inspection required by 91.413.  One them asked me "How many transponders do you have?"  I have one transponder, a Garmin GTX32.  "Do you also have an ADS-B transponder?"  I have an Echo UAT transceiver that gives me ADS-B in and out.  So, he says that means I have 2 transponders and he needs to inspect both of them.  According to him.

He is the most expensive and the only one that asked about my ADS-B.  My ADS-B passed the FAA performance report.  Are we required to have our ADS-B systems checked every two years like this guy says?

Andrew Anunson
Cozy MKIV #1273
Pound, VA