COZY: Blown oul cooler

Are you sure it was the oil coolers fault?  No sticky regulator valve?  Do you have a bypass valve for when the oil is cold?  1.2 times the maximum allowable oil pressure from the engine spec is a reasonable pressure to test at.  Make sure to increase pressure gently to your nominated pressure and also to decrease it gently afterwards.  Presuming it to be aluminium alloy, there are some beneficial effects of having an even greater test ratio, but they are so difficult to calculate that they are best avoided. 

Paul Saccani

On 29 May 2020, at 05:58, Greg Norman <gnorm76@...> wrote:

My 2nd first stat today. This time a pooped out out cooler. What I get for buying used. 
Going to pressure test the next one. Anyone have any idea what pressure I should test it at?

Grrg Norman

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