COZY: First Flight Cozy MKIV #1273

Hennie Engelbrecht


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Whew.... the end of the beginning!

I checked my 3 fuel filters yesterday evening after 1.6 hours of ground testing during the last couple of months.  Nothing in the 74 micron after the fuel valve, the 40 micron after the mechanical fuel pump, or the finger strainer in the Bendix RSA-5ad1.  I did my best to keep debris out of the tanks during the build and so far there has been none in the fuel system.

I went to the airport this morning to reinstall the 40 micron.. .with the idea of a flight.  My instructor just signed off my BFR this week and si I am fresh on no flap, no stall landings in the 172.  Announced taxi testing for runway 24, but at 45 knots everything was so smooth and straight I just kept the power in and gave a slight pull on the stick at 70 KIAS.

Rotation.... gear off the ground.... the plane made a quick request to turn right which I denied with slight left aileron.  Up, up, and away!  The thought in my head was "OK, now you've done it.  You damn fool.  Now fly it, test it, land it... survive.

Climbed out at 110 kias, turned left and kept climbing.  Temps... lets see hottest CHT at  380 at best power at 110.  It got bumpy fast... felt like white water rafting so I kept climbing to 6k (airport is at 2700).  It smoothed out... so reduced power to idle (my first flight with no carb heat... LOVE THAT!!).  110, 100, 90, 80... looking for that canard stall.  Its scary.  I built this thing.  70.  65... nose dropped at 61 kias.  OK it stalls and the main wings didn't.  Thank God, Burt, and Nat.

Flew around doing turns... got set up for a long straight in approach... way too high, speed not horrible at 95... extend nose gear, extend landing brake... full rudders.  Nope.  Too high, too fast.  Full power, retract brake... lets try a normal pattern.

So... got it slowed to 90 on downwind.  Base 80-85.  Turning final... this is actually working.  I can't believe it.  Extended brake and full rudders and on a pretty good glide slope.  Over the numbers at around 80.... down, pull... slight flare and level.... no crosswind.

Don't stall it... canard on the horizon... let it down.  You know the sound of the tires.  I got that sound... two tires and then the nose.  No shimmy.  Nothing... let it coast down, then the back taxi.  It performed flawlessly, no high temps.  No aileron trim needed... Strong Pitch trim worked excellent. 

This first flight is fun.  Its very intimidating for a pilot with 130 hrs.  Its raw... feels like a basic instinct.

Thank You to...
My wife Tabitha.  Why she let me build a plane while we built our lives I'll never know but I'll always be grateful for her encouragement and help.
My children, parents, family and friends for always being supportive and interested in the project.
Burt for giving us the plans to build EZ's
Nat for developing the Cozys
Marc for the guiding the community
Chrissi and Randi for building all my hardware
Dennis for my canard
Jeff Russell for my Aerocad parts
Featherlite for my Cowls
Jack for my Nosegear
Spruce for excellent service
Russ and the zoom gang for keeping me motivated to finish

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