Cozy III For Sale


H Gang.  After a lot of thought, I have decided to sell my Cozy III project.  It is really far along, attached is a list of things that need to be done by Chapter.  I have a gazillion pictures, obviously way too many to show here.  I am going to try to download a bunch of them in a Drop Box folder.  There are two parts of the completion that require a little more effort and thought than most of the rest of the completion.  One is the putting on the Main Gear Attach Brackets Outboard Support pieces if you so choose to use, along with finishing the Main Gear Fairing covering the Main Gear Access Hole.  Second is installing the Nose Retract mechanism of choice.  Currently there is a Brock Retract Mechanism in place.  The plane needs an engine and instruments (Electrical).  I am asking $15,000.00, picking up the project and transporting is on the buyer.  For the price, this is a must see to believe project.  Somebody looking to get a project they can finish quickly this may be the answer.  My reasoning for the Cozy III over the Cozy IV was: side by side seating and being able to pack my wife’s stuff in the back when we travel, secondly economy of travel.  Any questions, please call.




Mike Scovel


S/E Michigan

(313) 608-7202