COZY: Re: [c-a] Scary situation

Marc J. Zeitlin

Bulent Aliev wrote:

My point was that you have a chance of getting out of a car, boat or bus at an event like that. But getting out of a plane in the air with raging fire fueled by huge lithium power pack, is not likely.

Well, duh. But is it any MORE likely that passengers will be able to get out of a plane in the air with a raging fire fueled by flammable gasoline and epoxy resin?

THAT's the point. A fire in the air is just about the worst thing imaginable, and what's fueling it is immaterial until you get on the ground and the fire crew can attempt to extinguish it. I don't think that the passengers on the Concorde were thinking "well, thank Cthulhu this isn't a lithium battery powered aircraft - this really could have been bad".

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