COZY: Re: [c-a] Suddenly changing CHT/Oil Temps

Marc J. Zeitlin

Drew Swenson wrote:

New sensors grounded all the way back to the Dynon?

People seem overly focused on the grounding issue. While that certainly can be the cause of jittery and noisy readings, The OT probe is reading steady and as stated, matched the candy thermometer to within a few degrees in hot oil from under 200F to 260F. So while a grounding issue certainly is a concern in engine monitoring installations, in THIS case, there's no problem.

And since all CHT probes are two wire thermocouple probes as supplied by Dynon, with an extension harness as fabricated by SteinAir, there can be no grounding issue there as well.

There are no issues with the two wire OP or FP probes - both reading nominal values.

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