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Cameron Garner

If I recall correctly, Nat's original Cozy had similar or better performance than similarly powered Longs of that time (according to the Cozy newsletters), despite being a side-by-side fuselage vs a narrow Long-Ez. Flat, parallel sides are not the most aerodynamic shape (but they are easier to build). Same goes for our strakes... take at look at the Beech Starship!
Wider does not necessarily mean more drag, though it certainly can be the case.

-Cameron G
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On Saturday, January 23, 2021 10:14 AM, 'David Kissick' via COZY Builders Mailing List <cozy_builders@...> wrote:

I'm pretty sure Stuart's plane is 6 inches wider, Dustin's is 4 inches as you indicated.  

David Kissick
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On Friday, January 22, 2021, 09:50:05 AM PST, Jean-joseph Foe via <foe_amougou@...> wrote:

I know some others have been built, and maybe flying...
Stuart Smith built his 4" larger all the long. I know he is flying now. Maybe still at the test phase. His brother's is also 4" larger. It is finished and he will be flying soon...
Mine is 3" larger, all the long. Not finished yet...

Jean Joseph
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Le ven., janv. 22, 2021 à 18:40, Bulent Aliev
<bulent.enginegear@...> a écrit :
As Bill said, I widened the fuselage by 5” at the seatback, and pulled the seatback back by 5”. Of course, I was widely criticized by some people. My plane was much more comfortable, faster at cruise at the same engine and setting compared to LEZ And CZ,s.
I could not fit in a standard CZ even with cushions out and my shoes off.
And I was only 6’4 and 220lb at the time. Not a giant. As I was saying, it was designed to be comfy for “girly man”. Joke! No need to 🔥.
Anyway, one day I got an email from Nat, saying that he liked the looks of my CZ😱. 15 years before that at SF he told in a terse way me to go build something else after I asked him if it can be modified. So I never called him during the building process. “I did it my way” 😂

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 12:24 PM Bill Allen <billallensworld@...> wrote:
I think Bulent Aliev made his 5” wider and also slightly staggered the front seats - his CZ4 performed well.

he might even comment on my comment :^)

Bill Allen

On Fri, 22 Jan 2021 at 17:20, Greg Norman <gnorm76@...> wrote:
Remember the King Cozy? I found a photo of it last night and wondered what happened to it. It was a huge fuselage but I believe he had the right idea like I bet a lot of us ponder. 
   Why on earth do we have to shoehorn ourselves into every airplane while even the Mazda Miata seems to have more leg and hip room? From a Cessna 150, Mooney, to a Cozy. Even the "luxury" aircraft you have to clamber in from the back or a passenger side door. Haven't the aircraft companies heard we're not the same size of the 1930's generation?
   Will it completely ruin the aerodynamics if we build a canard plane a foot wider instead of "staggering" our SO in the back so her hips don't turn blue? Sure seems it would make those cross country trips a bit more enjoyable.

Greg Norman


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