COZY: Replacement Transponder

Phillip Johnson

Hi Keith,

The Garmin 327 works well with the GRT EFIS.  That’s exactly what I have and I know it will work well with your setup.  Just a serial connection with the EFIS & 327


On Nov 12, 2022, at 1:40 PM, Keith Spreuer <kspreuer@...> wrote:

I'm using my GRT EFIS to feed grey code altitude info to a Narco AT150 transponder. Trouble is the EFIS is ancient and needs to be replaced. Their new model does not put out grey code. So I either need a stand alone encoder or to replace the Transponder with a model that has the encoder built in. It would be nice if there were a used transponder with encoder that fits in the same slot as the Narco AT150. Any help with what to look for?

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