Don Foreman

Mike Tooze

Hello All,

I'm sorry to record the passing of Don Foreman on the 14th of November..

Over here in the Britain, Don was a leading light, the leading light, in the late 70's emergent composite aircraft movement - particularly with the Rutan types.

Don was a leading member of the group that flew the first British built Vari Eze, G-LASS. He went on to build his Long Eze and a Cozy. Don was the first and only in the UK to build a Defiant.
He was a generous mountain of assistance to many, many, other Eze builders and fliers.

Personally I knew Don from my age of about twelve, later he was my PFA permit-to-fly inspector for I can't recall how many years.

I'm sure that more full appreciations of Don will be forthcoming, obviously arrangements are yet to be formalized and circulated.

Blue skies Don,

Mike Tooze

Jon Matcho

I am sorry for your loss Mike, and to all others that he touched. May Don live on in the lives he touched and the legacy that he left.