Harley Dixon

Mornin', Bob...

Does any one know of a PDA with a screen that you can read in bright

Not a PDA...most of them aren't ideal for use as a moving map display
anyway, but the Compag iPaq, and a couple of the top end Casio pocket PC's
both are quite readable in bright sunlight. In fact, ControlVision
( highly reccomends the iPaq and the Casio EM500 and
the E125. They state the iPaq is fully readable in bright sunlight inside a
bubble canopy.

I have personally compared the three of them at my nearby Best Buy store,
taking them out into the parking lot, and what they say is indeed true, with
the iPaq having a small advantage.

Even though they are fully functional pc's they are no bigger than a PDA,
and have touch screens, serial ports, etc.



I have a Compaq Ipac in my Vari-Eze, running the Anywhere Pilot sofrware on
and it works great. The display works fine in direct sunlight.

Rod Herzig
Vari-eze N1389P