Oil cooling

Bill Allen

Following the recent thread on coolers, here are some pics of the installation on my LongEz Diesel. This is V5.1, which addresses the inlet, the cooler and the exit.
The intake is a pressure recovery duct which my “assistant” Gary Hertzler made while on one of his cultural visits over the pond.
With this I get an ASI DeltaP of c125kts with the aircraft ASI reading 133kts.
As the Wilksch diesel is a two stroke (piston timed inlet ports, exhaust is  by camshaft & 2 valves per cylinder) the thermal load placed on the piston translates into more thermal load into the oil, hence oil cooling is more critical than on a Lycoming.
I’m not a big fan of having oil coolers mounted to the fatigue inducing vibrating mass of the engine, so would prefer this location (or high on the firewall like on a Cozy4)

Hope this helps.

Bill Allen
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