Parts for sale


Good afternoon group!  I am in the process of clearing out some of the stuff in my hangar.  I thought I would offer it up here before I put them on eBay.  I have the following items up for sale:


  1. 1 – VariEze NACA Scoop -  Offering for $50.00 + Shipping and Packaging
  2. 1 – I think Cozy NACA Scoop – Offering for $25.00 + Shipping and Packaging
  3. 1 – GU Canard for I believe a Cozy – Offering $850.00 + Shipping and Packaging


I am sure there will be more items later.  If you are interested, it probably would be preferred to come to my hangar to get the items if at all possible.  I am located at 1D2 (Canton Plymouth Mettetal Airport – SE Michigan).  As always if you have any questions please contact me.




Mike Scovel

SE Michigan



Mbl     (313) 608-7202

Email   ezdriver@...