Roxy Canard dinner, updates

Rick Hall


We reached the 30 person capacity of our reservation, so I made a call. Mysteriously, another 20 empty seats appeared, we have room for 50.

Not wanting to get into the reasons, I only monitor the canard aviators email list (this one), and a few groups on FakeBook. I don't watch the internet forums, other mailing lists, and seldom post publicly on FakeBook. There are other Canard drivers and builders I can't reach. Therefore, please spread the word, even if it's a face-face at OSH.

I'm leaving for OSH in 36 hours, I will be checking email often. New attendees for the dinner need to email me with a name and head count. I don't need a phone number, email address, first born; just a name and head count, and it had to be in an email or with the secret handshake at OSH.

First come, first served, I'll be sorting reservation slots by arrival date in my email inbox. There may be a few stand by seats on Friday, there is no guarantee so send me an email NOW! And do spread the word :)

Friday, 30-July from 6pm until?? Roxy Supperclub 571 N. Main St. Oshkosh, WI 54901 (920) 231-1980.
Cash bar, cash meal from menu above, camaraderie always off the chart.