Towing planes into hangar

Phil Kriley

I made a simple rig that attaches to the wing tie-downs.  I took a 2x4 that was as long as the distance from one tie-down to the other, with a rope and hook from each end of the 2x4 to each tie-down.  Then the winch cable is attached to the center of the 2x4.  This allows the plane to be pulled into the hangar by the tie-downs.  I walk next to the canard to steer the plane.  No side loads.  Lead shot ballast bags on the canard to keep the nose down with the gear extended.
Phil Kriley

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Del Schier wrote:

Even though I had the nose partially down when the winch rope jumped off the gear foot it flipped on the tail.

Folks - PLEASE do not tow your plane by attaching a winch/rope/chain/whatever to the lower part of your nose gear. The gear on our EZ's was NOT designed to take any substantial side loads, nor to take substantial loads in the forward direction.

If you're going to tow the plane, attach the tow rope/whatever above the NG-3/NG-4 metal bits, so that the loading moment arm is much lower and the forces are applied nearer to the connection with the fuselage. Much safer for the aircraft. 

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