URHM40 plugs, electrode resistor value ? ...


Hello group,
I am checking my VariEze spark plugs.
Lyc O-235 C2C.
Plug : URHM40E.
The lower spark plug sockets (B) were very crowded! …..
What should the resistance of the electrode be? ….
The values I see are:
Plug #    Ohm
1T         1515
2T         1209
3T         1275
4T         1173
1B           609   ? ? ! ! !
2B         1345
3B         1350
4B         1245

Are these values acceptable?
These plugs are ~280 flight hours.... 
For your information, I also have a new spark plug (never used) with 1360 Ohm….. (but 15 years old !....).
The resistor value for plug 1B seems abnormally low! …. What does it mean?
(PS: I will replace these eight candles in the next few days; delivery is in progres from Aircraft Spruce.

Thank you for your advices.
Best regards.

Gilbert-Pierre DRIEUX

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